A Day in Switzerland

Sometimes, the best days are the ones you stumble upon without any firm plans. That's precisely how my day in Zurich unfolded, and what an incredible adventure it turned out to be! It all began with the train ride from Milan, where I met a friendly local who shared a brilliant tip to take the ferry from Burkliplatz to Rapperswil for an authentic, local-inspired day on the lake.

A Scenic Ferry Ride to Rapperswil

After some city sights I hopped on a ferry to check out the lake views and get a taste of local life. The lake was calm and crystal-clear and, as promised, surrounded by picturesque lakeside towns and vineyards. The ferry makes several stops along the way where passengers are free to hop on and off to explore different towns at a leisurely pace. There's quite a few unique destinations to check out; such as the wine museum (you know I wish I could have checked that out!), the Swiss Museum of Transport (definitely a unique option), and Ufnau Island with its historical structures built without access to the island by road! Check out  zsg.ch for the timetable, destinations, or to reserve a table on the top deck (recommended).

Pro Tip:

The Swiss Pass includes all ferries in Switzerland in addition to trains and buses! However, if you're like me and have limited time, I recommend purchasing a pass at the boat dock for the day, which will allow you to hop on and off at any stops and even give you the option to take the train back from Rapperswil for a quicker return.

Exploring Rapperswil: The City of Roses

Rapperswil, often referred to as the "City of Roses," greeted me with medieval charm and a few surprises. I wandered around, discovering hidden squares, unexpected wildlife, and fragrant rose gardens. If you're in town, the gardens are a must-see, but I have to say the highlight of my trip was stumbling upon a herd of deer lounging on the hill by the Schloss Castle.

City Highlights

Back in Zurich, I explored the city treasures, once again wandering the streets to see what I might stumble upon. After checking out St Peter's Church - the oldest parish church in Zurich and admiring the Fraumunster and its nice pop of color in the skyline I was rewarded with coming across a unique sight along the waterfront! It was a mesmerizing and incredibly detailed 3D rendering of the entire city. Unfortunately the picture really doesn't do it justice - so definitely keep an eye out to see it in person!

Fun Fact:

St Peter's Church has the largest clock face in Europe, and until 1911, the tower was used as a fire watch post

Swiss Chocolate Delights

And what's a visit to Switzerland without indulging in Swiss chocolate? I made it a point to not just savor the local sweet treats but to be sure to save room in the suitcase to bring some truffles home! I "surprised" Blake (he was totally expecting it) with a box from Max Chocolatier - a small specialty chocolate store with a moving story about Max and how the store came to be, as well as some of the meaning behind the chocolates. You should plan time for samples and to talk with the chocolatier for a personalized experience - and be sure to ask about Max!